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iStock_000006644654MediumCBI – Portland Physiotherapy Health & Wellness Centre recognizes that insurers have unique and specific needs.  Our Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Programs provide proactive treatment to prevent time away from the workplace and/or limit disability. Our programs are sponsored by the Workers Compensation Board, Department of Veterans Affairs, Section B Motor Vehicle Insurance and Long/Short Term Disability providers.

When a client is referred to CBI – Portland Physiotherapy Health & Wellness Centre, a comprehensive assessment is completed to determine the extent and scope of their injury. The evaluation results allow us to place clients in the program best suited to manage their disability, promote optimal functional recovery and increase quality of life. The focus of our goal oriented, individualized programs is education, communication and function. Emphasis is placed on maximizing the client’s functional level to allow a more productive lifestyle and/or to expedite a safe return to work.

Work Re-Integration Services Include:

  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Case Management
  • Transitional Return to Work Plan
  • Job Site Analysis
  • Standardized Functional Capacity Assessment (the KEY method)
  • Independent Medical Examination
  • Job Site Visit
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Access to Specialists




Source: CARF Survey Report for Accreditation: Survey Dates February 7-8, 2013
“A well organized review process for persons served is in place that include physicians, psychologist, team lead, the sponsor of the person served, and the employer.  The process is impressive and leads to a clear understanding of the challenges facing the person served and also to effective problem solving and goal setting with the person served, the sponsor and the clinical staff. 

Case management, outcome tracking and an interdisciplinary approach are the cornerstone of Portland Physiotherapy Health & Wellness Centre’s quality assured programs and services.

Our Clinical Team

When working with CBI – Portland Health & Wellness Centre, your team not only includes the key medical trained team members, but as our commitment to quality insurance, our services include access to highly qualified and experienced program coordinator and project manager.  Joy Moore will act as the Program Coordinator and Project Manager for your account.

Program Coordinator

Joy_MG_3678-Edit-Edit-2As Program Coordinator of the account, Joy Moore will Case Manage and oversee the rehabilitation of your clients receiving treatment and assessment services. This service provides quality assurance and assists to identify barriers early in the rehabilitation process. Joy Moore is a Registered Rehabilitation Professional with the Vocation Rehabilitation Association of Canada. From 2002 to 2007 Joy was Director of Clinical Services of Nova Scotia for Eastern Rehabilitation. Joy has over 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist and has managed/operated Portland Health & Wellness Centre since 1991.

The programs address the client’s physical, functional and psychosocial needs.

Physiotherapy, massage therapy, and occupational therapy, customized to your needs and delivered with the highest standard of ethics and professionalism.